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Comprehensive technical services to meet your different needs in various types of container, such as reefer container, dry container, general purpose container, open-top container, flat rack container, flat bed container, shipping container, land container and air container etc.…


· IICL certified inspectors and professional technical team in dealing with reefer and dry containers


· Providing cleaning & technical services for chemical, food, liquefied gas and other special tank containers which certified by government’s environment agency


· Tank test technology for interior thickness measurement and leakage testing, and treatment for deformation, breakage and corrosion conditions.


· Tailor-made GOH containers reconstruction services for both ocean and air transportation, including rope, beam, frame, suspension and wheel types etc.


· Long-term cooperation with world-renowned reefer compressor makers such as CARRIER、 STARCOOL、 DAIKIN and THERMO KING etc.


CML, your container technical expert…

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